Welcome to the full release tutorial of Subnautica!

This tutorial covers storyline progress landmarks, locations, and gameplay tips. Becuz Subnautica is sandbox game, feel free to take it at your own pace! But, if you're looking for basic help, this is the place xD

Starting Out:

A good subnautica world starts with the collection of resources. The first resources to gather include: titanium and copper (from limestone outcrops in the shallows) as well as lead, gold and silver (from sandstone outcrops in the safe shallows). Tools that you'll want:

Once you've got tools, it's time to search for parts!

List of all scannable parts and locations

Safe Shallows

Kelp Forest

Grassy Plateaus

Northwestern Mushroom Forest

Sparse Reef

Bulb Zone

Blood Kelp Trench


Underwater Islands


Sea Treader's Path

Grand Reef

Storyline Progress and Landmarks

This is the main map of biomes, wrecks, and resources in Subnautica that I luv to use